• Hilltop Hoods : The Calling (CD) (Ozzie Hip Hop)
THE CALLING - NEW EDITION - COMES WITH A BRAND NEW TRACK + INTERVIEW WITH THE BAND +ALL THE VIDEOS + NEW ARTWORK! The Calling is widely regarded as the breakthrough album for Australia's biggest hip-hop act Hilltop Hoods. Released on 22 September 2003, the album was the first Australian hip-hop album to reach Gold Album status, based on high sales. The Calling has since achieved Platinum status, again the first Australian hip-hop record to do so.
Track Listing

1. Incoming (Hilltop Hoods)
2. Testimonial Year (Hilltop Hoods)
3. The Calling (Hilltop Hoods)
4. Dumb Enough (Hilltop Hoods)
5. Illusionary Lines (Hilltop Hoods)
6. Tomorrow Will Do (Hilltop Hoods)
7. Laying Blame (Hilltop Hoods)
8. Simmy and the Gravyspitter (Hilltop Hoods)
9. The Nosebleed Section (Hilltop Hoods)
10. Down for the Cause (Hilltop Hoods)
11. Mic Felon (Hilltop Hoods)
12. Walk On (Hilltop Hoods)
13. The Certificate (Hilltop Hoods)
14. Hilltop Hoods
15. Working the Mic (Hilltop Hoods)
16. Outgoing (Hilltop Hoods)
17. The Sentinel (Hilltop Hoods)
18. Incoming (Hilltop Hoods)
19. Testimonial Year (Hilltop Hoods)
20. The Calling (Hilltop Hoods)
21. Dumb Enough (Hilltop Hoods)
22. Illusionary Lines (Hilltop Hoods)
23. Tomorrow Will Do (Hilltop Hoods)
24. Laying Blame (Hilltop Hoods)
25. Simmy and the Gravyspitter (Hilltop Hoods)
26. The Nosebleed Section (Hilltop Hoods)
27. Down for the Cause (Hilltop Hoods)
28. Mic Felon (Hilltop Hoods)
29. Walk On (Hilltop Hoods)
30. The Certificate (Hilltop Hoods)
31. Hilltop Hoods
32. Working the Mic (Hilltop Hoods)
33. Outgoing (Hilltop Hoods)
34. The Sentinel (Hilltop Hoods)
35. Here Come the Girls (Hilltop Hoods)
36. Testimonial Year (Hilltop Hoods)
37. The Calling Interview (Hilltop Hoods)
38. The Nosebleed Section (Hilltop Hoods)
Genre Ozzie Hip Hop

Hilltop Hoods : The Calling (CD) (Ozzie Hip Hop)

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