• Shins : Wincing The Night Away (Dld) (Vinyl) (General)
Their third album is the sound of a band growing up and out. James Mercer's infectious, indelible melodic style is still at the core, but on various songs he also channels a Morrissey vibe, pairs a hip-hop beat with lush melodic lines and searing guitars, toys with tweaked-out piano steeped in psychedelic strings, utilizes fractured synth samples, adds gauzy, arpeggiated keyboards that cloak thunderous anthems, and even takes cues from early Jesus And Mary Chain sweeping, fuzz-toned epics. The album also contains the lilting, exhilarating, rollicking, rock-solid pop songs we've all come to covet from The Shins.

1 Sleeping Lessons -
2 Australia -
3 Pam Berry -
4 Phantom Limb -
5 Sealegs -
6 Red Rabbits -
7 Turn on Me -
8 Black Wave -
9 Spilt Needles -
10 Girl Sailor -
11 Comet Appears -
Genre General

Shins : Wincing The Night Away (Dld) (Vinyl) (General)

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