• A.B. Original : Reclaim Australia (CD) (Ozzie Hip Hop)
It's difficult to recall an album that can rival the debut effort of Briggs and Trial's project A.B. Original, Reclaim Australia, for cultural importance and significance. In press materials for the album, Ryan Griffen (conceiver of incredible, groundbreaking ABC show Cleverman) acknowledges that "many people aren't ready for this", and he's right - most probably only need to scroll through their newsfeeds a few times to find examples of ugly, unrepentant racism. There's no question that some people are not open to listening to a Yorta Yorta man and a Ngarrindjeri man spit, with straight-backed conviction, about racism in Australia. And that alone proves that this album is absolutely essential.
Genre Ozzie Hip Hop

A.B. Original : Reclaim Australia (CD) (Ozzie Hip Hop)

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