• Toto : Africa-The Best Of (2cd) (CD) (General)
Track Listing

1. Africa (Album Version) (Toto)
2. I'll Be Over You (Album Version) (Toto)
3. Rosanna (Album Version) (Toto)
4. Pamela (Album Version) (Toto)
5. Hold The Line (Album Version) (Toto)
6. I Will Remember (Album Version) (Toto)
7. I Won't Hold You Back (Toto)
8. You Got Me (Album Version) (Toto)
9. Make Believe (Toto)
10. Anna (Album Version) (Toto)
11. 99 (Album Version) (Toto)
12. Stop Loving You (Album Version) (Toto)
13. I'll Supply the Love (Album Version) (Toto)
14. Endless (Album Version) (Toto)
15. Stranger in Town (Album Version) (Toto)
16. Holyanna (Album Version) (Toto)
17. Georgy Porgy (Album Version) (Toto)
18. How Does It Feel (Album Version) (Toto)
19. St. George and the Dragon (Album Version) (Toto)
20. Without Your Love (Album Version) (Toto)
21. All Us Boys (Album Version) (Toto)
22. If You Belong to Me (Album Version) (Toto)
23. Goodbye Elenore (Album Version) (Toto)
24. Goin' Home (Album Version) (Toto)
25. Live for Today (Album Version) (Toto)
26. Out of Love (Album Version) (Toto)
27. Angel Don't Cry (Album Version) (Toto)
28. Don't Chain My Heart (Album Version) (Toto)
29. Rockmaker (Album Version) (Toto)
30. Mushanga (Album Version) (Toto)
31. Turnback (Album Version) (Toto)
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Toto : Africa-The Best Of (2cd) (CD) (General)

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