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Compact Discs and DVDs are sensitive to dust which can sometimes cause skipping and misreading. It may seem harmless, but it's the archenemy of electronics equipment. It can muddle up computers, VCRs and, yes, CD and DVD players. The inside of a disc player is not airtight. Every time you open the disc tray or put in a disc, the laser lens is exposed to airborne contaminants. And just like a television, static builds up on the lens, actually attracting dust like a magnet. This Lens Cleaner uses eight staggered brushes that progressively pass over the laser lens to clean the entire surface. The cleaning process takes only a fraction of a second and can actually prolong the life of your disc player. Allsop even included easy-to-use voice instructions on the disc, so you know when it's done.

Eight brush system cleans off the entire laser lens
Includes easy-to-use voice instructions
Will not damage sensitive optical components
Enjoy your DVDs more or improve your music archive by cleaning your optics in your CD or DVD ROM
Designed to safely clean your CD or DVD drives

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Dimensions: Standard CD/ DVD Diameter
Model #: 56500
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Cd Player Cleaner : Cd Player Cleaner (Accessories) (Accessories)

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