• Williams Shina : African Dances (Vinyl) (Afrobeat)
inyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered edition. First official reissue of the extremely rare full-length album by Lagos-based bandleader Shina Williams. Clean copies of the original currently sell for up to 500. The record was born in 1979 when Shina put Biddy Wright, Fred Fisher, Saliu Alabi, Prince Bola, Tutu Shoronmu, and several other decorated Nigerian musicians - who played with the likes of Fela Kuti, SJOB Movement, Sonny Okoson, King Bucknor amongst others - together to record. The result is African Dances, a timeless fusion of afrobeat, electronics, boogie and disco. Includes his most well-known song, 'Agboju Logun' that Williams knew was ground breaking - "I want to show the whole wide world that Africa is alive with modern musicians to reckon with anywhere,".
Genre Afrobeat

Williams Shina : African Dances (Vinyl) (Afrobeat)

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