• Guns N' Roses : Use Your Illusion Ii (2LP) (Vinyl) (General)
USE YOUR ILLUSION II is the fourth studio album by the American rock band Guns N' Roses. It was one of two albums released in conjunction with the Use Your Illusion Tour, and as a result the two albums are sometimes considered a double album. Each of the USE YOUR ILLUSION albums have been certified 7x Platinum by the RIAA. It was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1992. USE YOUR ILLUSION II is more political than most of their previous work, with songs like "Civil War", a cover of Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door", and "Get in the Ring" dealing respectively with the topics of violence, law enforcement, and media bias. USE YOUR ILLUSION I featured mostly songs pre-APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION (with notable exceptions) while USE YOUR ILLUSION II featured more tracks written during and after APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION.
Track Listing

1. Right Next Door To Hell (Guns N' Roses)
2. Civil War (Guns N' Roses)
3. Dust N Bones (Guns N' Roses)
4. 14 Years (Guns N' Roses)
5. Live And Let Die (Guns N' Roses)
6. Yesterdays (Guns N' Roses)
7. Knockin On Heavens Door (Guns N' Roses)
8. Dont Cry (Guns N' Roses)
9. Get In The Ring (Guns N' Roses)
10. Perfect Crime (Guns N' Roses)
11. Shotgun Blues (Guns N' Roses)
12. You Aint The First (Guns N' Roses)
13. Bad Obsession (Guns N' Roses)
14. Breakdown (Guns N' Roses)
15. Pretty Tied Up (Guns N' Roses)
16. Back Off Bitch (Guns N' Roses)
17. Locomotive (Guns N' Roses)
18. Double Talkin Jive (Guns N' Roses)
19. November Rain (Guns N' Roses)
20. So Fine (Guns N' Roses)
21. Estranged (Guns N' Roses)
22. The Garden (Guns N' Roses)
23. You Could Be Mine (Guns N' Roses)
24. Garden Of Eden (Guns N' Roses)
25. Dont Damn Me (Guns N' Roses)
26. Dont Cry (Alternative Lyrics) (Guns N' Roses)
27. My World (Guns N' Roses)
28. Bad Apples (Guns N' Roses)
29. Dead Horse (Guns N' Roses)
30. Coma (Guns N' Roses)
31. Civil War (Guns N' Roses)
32. 14 Years (Guns N' Roses)
33. Yesterdays (Guns N' Roses)
35. Get In The Ring (Guns N' Roses)
36. Shotgun Blues (Guns N' Roses)
37. Breakdown (Guns N' Roses)
38. Pretty Tied Up (the Perils of Rock N' Roll Decaden (Guns N' Roses)
39. Locomotive (Complicity) (Guns N' Roses)
40. So Fine (Guns N' Roses)
41. Estranged (Guns N' Roses)
42. You Could Be Mine (Guns N' Roses)
43. Don't Cry (Guns N' Roses)
44. My World (Guns N' Roses)
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Guns N' Roses : Use Your Illusion Ii (2LP) (Vinyl) (General)

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