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  • Homelife : Translation (Vinyl) (Punk)
Homelife reside in Lansing, MI which is a place that seemingly paved the way for a lot of Midwestern bands of this ilk. Lumping them with other current bands of their genre would be foolish as 'Translation' is a stand alone record with its own merits. It sounds as though the record was written by members of The Casket Lottery and Jawbreaker with the guitar work of Hot Water Music. Now, imagine that and you're pretty on track. I was surprised at how much progression and ultimately how mature this record was in comparison to their previous work. It just goes to show that if you put in the honest work, you can achieve something better than ever expected.

1 Shapeless -
2 Unsteady Hands -
3 No Direction -
4 Nepethe -
5 Paradigm Shift -
6 Viewfinder -
7 To Elude -
8 Forms -
9 Coping -
10 Lasting Impressions -
Genre Punk

Homelife : Translation (Vinyl) (Punk)

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