This is a fresh pressing of the 2007 sophomore album from the uber-successful British band. While this sophomore release is unmistakably Arctic Monkeys, everything's a little more muscular and aggressive. Each song is embedded with revelatory moments, as if some sort of critical mass is achieved through skillful song craft and sharp arrangements until an explosive release of energy or emotion is inevitable. The Arctic Monkeys have exceeded expectations with this record.

1 Brianstorm -
2 Teddy Picker -
3 D Is for Dangerous -
4 Balaclava -
5 Fluorescent Adolescent -
6 Only Ones Who Know -
7 Do Me a Favour -
8 This House Is a Circus -
9 If You Were There, Beware -
10 The Bad Thing -
11 Old Yellow Bricks -
12 505 -
Track Listing

1. Brianstorm (Arctic Monkeys)
2. Teddy Picker (Arctic Monkeys)
3. D Is for Dangerous (Arctic Monkeys)
4. Balaclava (Arctic Monkeys)
5. Fluorescent Adolescent (Arctic Monkeys)
6. Only Ones Who Know (Arctic Monkeys)
7. Do Me a Favour (Arctic Monkeys)
8. This House Is a Circus (Arctic Monkeys)
9. If You Were There, Beware (Arctic Monkeys)
10. The Bad Thing (Arctic Monkeys)
11. Old Yellow Bricks (Arctic Monkeys)
12. 505 (Arctic Monkeys)
Genre General

Arctic Monkeys : Favourite Worst Nightmare (Vinyl) (General)

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