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  • Nothing More : Nothing More (Dld / Clrd) (Vinyl) (Heavy Metal)
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With soaring vocal melodies, meticulous atypical rhythmic structures, huge anthemic choruses and lyrical content that restores the art of storytelling, Nothing More is set to take over the airwaves with the upcoming, self-titled Eleven Seven Music debut album. with tracks like 'This Is the Time (Ballest)' they are ready to raise the standard for contemporary rock music.
1 Ocean Floor
2 This Is the Time (Ballast)
3 Christ Copyright
4 Mr. MTV
5 First Punch
6 Gyre
7 I'll Be Ok
8 Sex and Lies
9 Surface Flames
10 Take a Bullet
11 Jenny
12 God Went North
13 Pyre
Genre Heavy Metal

Nothing More : Nothing More (Dld / Clrd) (Vinyl) (Heavy Metal)

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