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  • Sanctuary : Year the Sun Died (Vinyl) (Heavy Metal)
Sanctuary are still revered today because they offered something fresh sounding in the muddled world of 80s thrash. THE YEAR THE SUN DIED isn't a comeback album thrown out there to cash in on reunion hype. THE YEAR THE SUN DIED is a statement. Almost 25 years later, Sanctuary picked up right where they left off: progressing and pushing the boundaries of what metal can be and doing it with a level of class and flare most bands can't even begin to replicate!

1 Arise and Purify -
2 Let the Serpent Follow Me -
3 Exitium (Anthem of the Living) -
4 Question Existence Fading -
5 I Am Low -
6 Frozen -
7 One Final Day (Sworn to Believe) -
8 The World Is Wired -
9 The Dying Age -
10 Ad Vitam Aeternam -
11 The Year the Sun Died -
Genre Heavy Metal

Sanctuary : Year the Sun Died (Vinyl) (Heavy Metal)

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