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  • Shins : Worms Heart (180G//Dld) (Vinyl) (General)
Worms Heart on LP

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 2018 release. The Worms Heart is a complete re-work of The Shins critically acclaimed March, 2017 album Heartworms. The album offers new reworked versions of the Heartworms album original tracks, and the sequence is flipped as well. When James Mercer wrote, produced, and recorded the Heartworms album, he had this desire for an alternate version, an opposite version. The album's slow songs would be flipped and re-recorded as fast songs, and vice versa. The reasoning was to showcase the versatility and strength of his songwriting, and the result is The Worm's Heart. This 'flipped' collection is produced by Yuuki Matthews, Jon Sortland, and James Mercer; and is a must for any fan of The Shins.
Genre General

Shins : Worms Heart (180G//Dld) (Vinyl) (General)

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