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Merchandise are proving themselves to be masters of reinvention: from hardcore punks on the Tampa Bay scene to disorientating avant-rockers to, in their current guise, a stylish indie pop group.

The ten songs on After The End draw deep from the 80s alternative scene: Echo and the Bunnymen, Talk Talk and the Smiths are all key influences. While some of their adventurous leanings have been tempered here, the sparkling production allows Carson Cox's emotive baritone to shine, especially on closing songs After The End and Exile and Ego.

1 Corridor -
2 Enemy -
3 True Monument -
4 Green Lady -
5 Life Outside the Mirror -
6 Telephone -
7 Little Killer -
8 Looking Glass Waltz -
9 After the End -
10 Exile and Ego -
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Merchandise : After the End (Clrd / Dld) (Vinyl) (General)

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