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  • Jenkins Charles and Zhivagos : Too Much Water In The Boat (Vinyl) (General)
Australians have a special preoccupation with water due to its scarcity in some regions, its abundance in others and the way that we relate to it physically, emotionally and symbolically. Water encircles us, defines our borders and shapes our identities. And so, here's an album that undertakes an exploration into what water brings, and what it takes away.
Half of the songs on 'Too Much Water In The Boat' deal with the ocean, the other half with our rivers. Songs examining everything from drought, climate change, tsunamis, asylum seekers, Prime Ministers going missing to the search for an inland sea, cross dressing bush rangers, the Snowy Mountains scheme and much more.

1. The Prime Minister Is Missing
2. The Whale Song
3. V7 Creeks (The Crossdresser Steve Hart)
4. Sweet Mildura
5. Off The Tip Of The Peloponnese
6. The Barrel Song
7. Christmas Island
8. Across The Inland Sea
9. The Girl From The Flatlands
10. (Ain't Enough Love) On The Snowy Mountains
11. Too Much Water In The Boat
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Jenkins Charles and Zhivagos : Too Much Water In The Boat (Vinyl) (General)

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