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  • Au.Ra : Jane's Lament (Dld) (Vinyl) (General)
Standard weight black vinyl inserted into a 2-panel art jacket with a matte finish
Includes digital pre-order of Jane's Lament.

Jane's Lament was created in close quarters - improvised jams grew into fully realised songs over the course of two years - and the feeling of cabin fever is powerful within the dense layers and thick effects that every note is doused in. While it's clear that Jenkins and Crandles lost themselves down a loop-pedal rabbit hole, Jane's Lament eschews any sense of claustrophobia; the spacious melodies and distant vocals ensure an illusion of roominess that bedroom jams rarely allow for. It results in a record that is, for the most part, an open and swerving run through the lighter parts of psych-rock.

1. Morning
2. Sun
3. Pyramid
4. You're On My Mind
5. Juki
6. Spare The Thought
7. Talk Show
8. Ease
9. Width
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Au.Ra : Jane's Lament (Dld) (Vinyl) (General)

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