• Dire Straits : Private Investigations- Best Of (CD) (General)
Track Listing

1. Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits)
2. Love Over Gold (Dire Straits)
3. Romeo And Juliet (Dire Straits)
4. Tunnel of Love - Intro: The Carousel Waltz (Dire Straits)
5. Private Investigations - Edit (Dire Straits)
6. Money for Nothing - Edit (Dire Straits)
7. Brothers in Arms - Album Version (Dire Straits)
8. Walk Of Life (Dire Straits)
9. On Every Street - Album Version (Dire Straits)
10. Going Home: Theme Of The Local Hero (Mark Knopfler)
11. Why Aye Man - Radio Edit (Mark Knopfler)
12. Boom, Like That - Radio Edit (Mark Knopfler)
13. What It Is (Mark Knopfler)
14. All the Roadrunning (Mark Knopfler)
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Dire Straits : Private Investigations- Best Of (CD) (General)

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