• Commix : Generation Ep 2 (12" Vinyl) (Drum and Bass)
Some seven months on from the release of his first Generation E.P, DandB veteran Commix finally delivers the follow-up. He recalls the halcyon days of Good Looking Records' spacey take on DandB on opener "Freefall", where jazzy keys and dreamy pads tumble down over a shuffling, post-jungle rhythm. While you can easily dance to it - with your head in the clouds, of course - there's more obvious peak-time material to be found on the flipside. The woozy, dub techno style synth motifs of "Honey" are accompanied by blistering, jungle-era breakbeats, while the superb "Behold" builds from an atmospheric, ambient opening, into an on-point, Exit style chunk of experimental DandB brilliance.
Genre Drum & Bass

Commix : Generation Ep 2 (12" Vinyl) (Drum and Bass)

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