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  • Cash Johnny : Bootleg Vol. 4- Soul Of Truth (CD) (Country)
Track Listing

1. Wings in the Morning (Johnny Cash)
2. Back in the Fold (Johnny Cash)
3. Gospel Boogie (a Wonderful Time Up There) (Johnny Cash)
4. Look Unto the East (Johnny Cash)
5. I Was There When It Happened (Johnny Cash)
6. Over the Next Hill (We'll Be Home) (Johnny Cash)
7. Sanctified (Album Version) (Johnny Cash)
8. He's Alive (Album Version) (Johnny Cash)
9. I've Got Jesus in My Soul (Johnny Cash)
10. Would You Recognize Jesus (Johnny Cash)
11. When He Comes (Album Version) (Johnny Cash)
12. That's Just Like Jesus (Johnny Cash)
13. I Was There When It Happened (Johnny Cash)
14. What On Earth Will You Do (for Heaven's Sake) (Johnny Cash)
15. Keep Me From Blowing Away (Johnny Cash)
16. I'm a Newborn Man (Johnny Cash)
17. There Are Strange Things Happening Every Day (Johnny Cash)
18. Don't Give Up On Me (Johnny Cash)
19. Over the Next Hill (We'll Be Home) (Johnny Cash)
20. Children Go Where I Send Thee (Album Version) (Johnny Cash)
21. Waiting On the Far Side Banks of Jordan (Johnny Cash)
22. I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal (Johnny Cash)
23. Our Little Old Home Town (Johnny Cash)
24. Lay Me Down in Dixie (Johnny Cash)
25. Belshazzar (Johnny Cash)
26. Don't Take Everybody to Be Your Friend (Johnny Cash)
27. My Children Walk in Truth (Johnny Cash)
28. You'll Get Yours and I'll Get Mine (Johnny Cash)
29. Oh Come, Angel Band (Album Version) (Johnny Cash)
30. The Old Rugged Cross (Johnny Cash)
31. One of These Days I'm Gonna Sit Down and Talk to Paul (Johnny Cash)
32. This Train Is Bound for Glory (Johnny Cash)
33. God Ain't No Stained Glass Window (Johnny Cash)
34. I'm Gonna Try to Be That Way (Johnny Cash)
35. Half a Mile a Day (Johnny Cash)
36. What On Earth (Will You Do for Heaven's Sake) (Johnny Cash)
37. Another Wide River to Cross (Johnny Cash)
38. That's Enough (Johnny Cash)
39. The Greatest Cowboy of Them All (Album Version) (Johnny Cash)
40. You're Drifting Away (Johnny Cash)
41. Believe in Him (Johnny Cash)
42. Didn't It Rain (Johnny Cash)
43. Over There (Johnny Cash)
44. He Touched Me (Johnny Cash)
45. Gospel Road (Johnny Cash)
46. Way Worn Traveler (Johnny Cash)
47. What Is Man (Johnny Cash)
48. I'll Have a New Life (Johnny Cash)
49. Wildwood in the Pines (Johnny Cash)
50. Truth (Johnny Cash)
51. Never Grow Old (Johnny Cash)
Genre Country

Cash Johnny : Bootleg Vol. 4- Soul Of Truth (CD) (Country)

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