• Various : Italo Funk (2LP) (Vinyl) (Nu Disco)
Double vinyl LP pressing. Italo and Funk! A long-standing relationship that goes back to American RandB artists connecting with the Italian audience in the 60's. With the '70s giving us the Mediterranean soul-funk of Napoli Centrale, directly influenced by the nearby NATO American base dwellers, the picture was complete: it was time for the Disco revolution! From Moroder to Mauro Boncaldi the list of Italian pioneers that molded dance music into a new hybrid of electronic basslines and over the top melodies is endless. The enormous international success of Italo Disco created a market of independent labels and distributions that were the basis of the next mutation of funky dance music: House. Italo Disco influenced the birth of House in America and then House came back to Italy and gave a new generation of producers the kick in the ass to start their own thing. And here we are today with this bunch of friends, mostly born out of the underground scene of the 90's. DJs and producers who don't fit into any conventional music scene and learned their music, by listening to avant-garde shades of Italo house, or by traveling abroad, trying to embrace the more daring sides of electronic boogies.
Genre Nu Disco

Various : Italo Funk (2LP) (Vinyl) (Nu Disco)

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