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Gutful' - Bad//Dreems' eagerly anticipated sophomore LP, featuring the singles 'Mob Rule' and 'Feeling Remains' - is set to be released on April 21st 2017.

Working again with the production team of Mark Opitz (INXS, the Angels, Cold Chisel etc) and Colin Wynne at their West Brunswick studio over the latter half of 2016, 'Gutful' is 11 tracks of literate Antipodean rock and roll anthems that refines the powerful sound we heard on Dogs at Bay.

But the world has changed dramatically in the year since and throughout Gutful, Bad//Dreems have brilliantly captured the anger, fear and frustration felt by so many of us.

We've already heard Mob Rule's disturbing picture of a modern Australian dystopia, underpinned by the ugliness of the angry mob.

The acerbic title track Gutful can speak for itself:

"Had a gutful of speed and coke
Had a gutful of your racist jokes
Had a gutful of Australia Day
Had a gutful of the USA

Had a gutful of Donald Trump
Had a gutful of your baby bump
Had a gutful of the credit crunch
Had a gutful of the coward punch":

Elsewhere the band tackles chauvinism and male violence (Nice Guy) and religion (Pagan Rage), while interspersed are more classical pop idioms of heartbreak and unrequited love (By My Side, 1000 Miles Away).

The sound of the record will be familiar to those who have witnessed Bad//Dreems much heralded live show. Essentially tracked live, ragged garage guitars are underpinned rocksteady groove James Bartold (bass) and Miles Wilson (drums). Ben Marwe's voice is more vivid and visceral than ever before.

Although labelled "pub rock" by many pundits Gutful makes it clear that Bad//Dreems are not such an easily digestible piece of pie.

Guitarist Alex Camerom speaks on the "pub rock" moniker:

"It was not particularly welcomed but also not something we shied away from. The only rule when starting the band was a focus on songwriting. No bullshit pretences, no bullshit insecurities, no bullshit scenes, no bullshit guitar pedals. What better foil to cut through all the bullshit in the world today than a moniker that is maligned by many as a harbinger of cultural cringe, crudity and chauvinism"

The release of Dogs at Bay saw Bad//Dreems championed as one of the country's most exciting guitar acts, drawing plaudits from such diverse sources Robert Forster (Go Betweens) to At the Drive In and the Avalanches, both of whom invited the band to support them on Australian tours.

It seems that 'Gutful' will undoubtedly bring them more of the same.
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Bad//Dreems : Gutful (CD) (General)

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