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* Comes as a Pair!

* Technics 1200/1210 Slipmats!

Make your turntables really stand out ! This funky new slipmat from Technics incorporates the classic logo with a contemporary barcode design on superior quality felt and features the 1200 and 1210 model numbers of the world's most iconic turntable.

* Official Merchandise.
* High quality felt, black slipmat.
* Specially heat treated for high heated printing.
* #1 seller worldwide.
* Dependable and hard wearing.
* Resistant to dust and other particles.
* Will not scuff, scratch or damage vinyl.
* Great for your home, studio, club or in competition. DMC's superior slipmats are your turntable and vinyl's best friend.
Genre Slipmat

Technics Barcode Slipmats (2Pcs) : Slipmats Technics (Vinyl Accessories) (Slipmat)

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