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  • I Call Fives : I Call Fives (Dld) (Vinyl) (Punk)
I Call Fives have covered a lot of ground since getting their 2007 start in Washington Township, NJ. from countless basement shows and DIY runs to the Vans Warped Tour, the band has stayed grounded. I Call Fives have built their fan base on one constant: hard work. the album, produced by Paul Leavitt (All Time Low) is laden with hooks but still maintains the youthful energy and speed of late 90's pop punk. I Call Fives will be spending the summer supporting the record on the Vans Warped Tour followed by a busy fall

1 Late Nights -
2 Obvious -
3 Backup Plan -
4 The Fall Guy -
5 Stuck in '03 -
6 Enemy -
7 Wrong Things -
8 Two Sides to Every Story -
9 We Were Right Together and We Were Wrong Together -
10 Regrets and Setbacks -
11 Sleep Well -
Genre Punk

I Call Fives : I Call Fives (Dld) (Vinyl) (Punk)

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