• Abscess : Through the Cracks of Death (2LP) (Vinyl) (Heavy Metal)
Abscess gives me the same feeling. Oh, there is no question that TTCOD is one sick, psychologically deranged album -it's loaded with a ripping production and highlights a caustic set of tracks that portray rough, raw and crazy guitar riffs, hyped up leads squeal away all over the place and a twisted cacophonous wall of noise is laid down in great style. Sometimes this band gives you the feeling that they are about to lose control of what they are doing, like the whole album is just about to implode under it's own slacker brutality. It's an insane show that is being put on here, and it's a challenge for the listener to sit through the whole deal just to see what the band comes up with next.

- Disc 1 -
1 Raping the Multiverse -
2 Mourners Will Burn -
3 Through the Cracks of Death -
4 Escalation of Violence -
5 Serpent of Dementia -
- Disc 2 -
1 An Asylum Below -
2 Tomb of the Unknown Junkie -
3 Monolithic Damnation -
4 Die for Today -
5 16 Horrors -
6 Vulnavia -
Genre Heavy Metal

Abscess : Through the Cracks of Death (2LP) (Vinyl) (Heavy Metal)

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