• Various : Brazilian Boogie (Vinyl EPs) (Funk and Soul)
Destination early 80s Brazil: RCA have curated four previously rare cuts from some of the country's most acclaimed boogie exponents. We ignite with Brenda's Don Beto-produced funk strutter "Natureza Viva", all jazzy chord progressions and razor-sharp tightness. It's followed Rosana's unequivocal synth boogie swooner "Alegria No Ar" which features players from both Banda Black Rio and the mighty Azymuth. Meanwhile on the B, the Latin flavours are more prominent as Junior Mendes's hyper-rare "Copacabana Sadia" and Sergio Mallandro's white-hot Earth Wind and Fire cover "Vem Fazer Glu Glu". Scorching stuff.

Brenda - "Natureza Viva" - (4:16)
Rosana - "Alegria No Ar" - (3:22)
Junior Mendes - "Copacabana Sadia" - (4:02)
Sergio Mallandro - "Vem Fazer Glu Glu" - (3:53)
Genre Funk & Soul

Various : Brazilian Boogie (Vinyl EPs) (Funk and Soul)

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