• Braun James : Tearjerker (12" Vinyl) (Tech House)
JB (James Braun) has been part of the label since its conception in 2007 and has contributed immensely to its development. Over the years, his sound has continuously morphed - from cheeky tech house, to emotional Detroit-inspired house escapades - always reflecting his originality and worthy musicianship.

The Tearjerker EP is a testament to JB's musical journey. Rooted in classic U.S. house and techno, the EP delivers elaborate melodies not found in earlier productions. The tracks were all produced at the newly opened Panalama Studio in Copenhagen, which JB runs alongside Lasse Walentin.

The A-side 'Tearjerker' showcases JB's signature heavy groove and bass, combined with rich pads and playful synth melodies. The upshot is a carefree but sentimental house banger, inspired by California sunshine and teenage heartbreak; filled to the brim with adolescent emotion. The acid pattern and synthetic strings of 'Galaxy Dub' takes Tearjerker into adulthood, exposing a tactile energy that sits well in any late-night set.

'Party People of Panalama' is deep, melancholic, almost trancy at times, with walking bass all over the place.

On 'Hakkebøf', James Braun's evil twin, Bobby Braun, takes over, infesting his sound with muscular minimalism. The 707 beat is accompanied by a simple music box pattern - chopped, ground, and mashed into a beefy beast.

Tartelet Turns Ten: The label's ten-year anniversary in 2018 will be celebrated with a host of special releases by James Braun, Max Graef, Nu Guinea, and label-head Muff Deep, and many more.
Genre Tech House

Braun James : Tearjerker (12" Vinyl) (Tech House)

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