• Pogues : Original Album Series (CD) (General)
Track Listing

1. The Sunnyside Of The Street (The Pogues)
2. Sayonara (The Pogues)
3. The Ghost Of A Smile (The Pogues)
4. Hell's Ditch (The Pogues)
5. Lorca's Novena (The Pogues)
6. Summer In Siam (The Pogues)
7. Rain Street (The Pogues)
8. Rainbow Man (The Pogues)
9. The Wake Of The Medusa (The Pogues)
10. House Of The Gods (The Pogues)
11. Five Green Queens And Jean (The Pogues)
12. Maidrin Rua (The Pogues)
13. If I Should Fall From Grace With God (The Pogues)
14. Turkish Song Of The Damned (The Pogues)
15. Bottle Of Smoke (The Pogues)
16. Fairytale Of New York (The Pogues)
17. Metropolis (The Pogues)
18. Thousands Are Sailing (The Pogues)
19. South Australia (The Pogues)
20. Fiesta (The Pogues)
21. Medley Recording: The Recruiting Sergeant (The Pogues)
22. Medley Recording: The Rocky Road To (The Pogues)
23. Medley Recording: Streets Of Sorrow (The Pogues)
24. Medley Recording: Birmingham Six (The Pogues)
25. Lullaby Of London (The Pogues)
26. The Battle March Medley (The Pogues)
27. Sit Down By The Fire (The Pogues)
28. The Broad Majestic Shannon (The Pogues)
29. Worms (The Pogues)
30. Gridlock (The Pogues)
31. White City (The Pogues)
32. Young Ned Of The Hill (The Pogues)
33. Misty Morning, Albert Bridge (The Pogues)
34. Cotton Fields (The Pogues)
35. Blue Heaven (The Pogues)
36. Down All The Days (The Pogues)
37. Usa (The Pogues)
38. Loreli (The Pogues)
39. Gartloney Rats (The Pogues)
40. Boat Train (The Pogues)
41. Tombstone (The Pogues)
42. Night Train To Lorca (The Pogues)
43. London You're A Lady (The Pogues)
44. Transmetropolitan (The Pogues)
45. Battle Of Brisbane (The Pogues)
46. The Auld Triangle (The Pogues)
47. Waxie's Dargle (The Pogues)
48. Boys From The County Hell (The Pogues)
49. Sea Shanty (The Pogues)
50. Dark Streets Of London (The Pogues)
51. Streams Of Whiskey (The Pogues)
52. Poor Paddy (The Pogues)
53. Single Regatta (The Pogues)
54. Green Land Whale Fisheries (The Pogues)
55. Down In The Ground Where The D (The Pogues)
56. Kitty (The Pogues)
57. The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn (The Pogues)
58. The Old Main Drag (The Pogues)
59. Wild Cats Of Kilkenny (The Pogues)
60. I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every (The Pogues)
61. A Pair Of Brown Eyes (The Pogues)
62. Sally Maclennane (The Pogues)
63. A Pistol For Paddy Garcia (The Pogues)
64. Dirty Old Town (The Pogues)
65. Jesse James (The Pogues)
66. Navigator (The Pogues)
67. Billy's Bones (The Pogues)
68. The Gentleman Soldier (The Pogues)
69. And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (The Pogues)
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Pogues : Original Album Series (CD) (General)

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