• Beranek : Dra Te Haelvete (todd terje acid radio e (12" Vinyl) (Nu Disco)
After making his moustachioed mark on 2014 with a dazzling debut LP of tropical lounge brilliance, Todd Terje spent 2015 blazing a bearded trail across the globe with a series of swashbuckling live performances and eagerly received remix 12"s. Satisfied with a job well done, the prince of Norwegian disco spent the winter break in the comfort of his record room, savouring the classics while the eggnog flowed. Inspired by those dusty discs and one too many Ferrero Rocher, an idea took shape and now it's reissue time!

Hot off the Olsen press comes Dansbar #1, the first in a brand new series aiming to shine some much needed light on the lost history of Norway's disco underground. First in the firing line is Beranek's mad capped morality tale, 'Dra Te Hælvete', a mislaid classic much loved by the most adventurous DJs in the Scandinavian circuit. Originally released as a 7" on Mind Expanding Records in 1981, 'Dra Te Hælvete' (or 'Go To Hell' if you've let your Norwegian slip) tells the tale of a proto-Inspector Norse, cruising the streets on the hunt for a high. Short on cash and all out of options, he falls prey to the dealer and the devil, hooked on heroin and gone to hell. The subject matter and swears prompted a ban from the airwaves and so a cult classic was born, loved by those in the know, but never given the widespread acclaim it deserved - until now that is.

To mark the 35th anniversary of its May release, Terje treats us to the definitive 12" version of this narcotic number, capping off a trio of his own interpretations with a mind expanding version from friend and countryman Prins Thomas. Terje starts the party with the walking bassline, frazzled keys and fuzzy guitar of his extended edit, bringing out the glam-rock sparkle and pop-punk attitude with a series of far out vocal fx and echo. Speaking of echo, Terje's 'Disco Dub' sees the Olsen boss send the track on a return journey to the Black Ark, topping the octave bass with tumbling toms, pinging delays and disembodied vocals. A brief diversion into echo drenched drum programming spins us out before Terje takes the whole thing home with a pulsating bass tones, ribbiting clavinet and cascading keys.

Fresh from perfecting the Goulash, the Prince of the North comes downtown to open the B-side with his stripped back and spaced out hypno-disco extension. Paring the cut back to its essentials, Thomas locks us into one of his trademark grooves while the mangled vocal blasts off into the upper atmosphere. Last but by no means least, Terje returns with an 'Acid Mix' potent enough to unlock the doors of perception but smooth enough not to taint the kool aid. Stood on a foundation of shuffling beats and a rampant 303, the track explodes into new shapes and colours, before racing off down Mario's rainbow road.

Allow Olsen to introduce you to Beranek, just don't blame us when you're hooked.
Genre Nu Disco

Beranek : Dra Te Haelvete (todd terje acid radio e (12" Vinyl) (Nu Disco)

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